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Pharmaceutical and biotech professionals have many unique challenges. Whether traveling to ASCO, working on a co-promotion deal, or preparing an IND for FDA submission, you don’t have the time to determine if your 401(k) allocation is adequate or if this is the best time to exercise your stock options.

You wish you could spend more time with your family and kids, but you work harder because you have this nagging concern that your company may be involved in an acquisition or reorganization that may jeopardize your job. Are you prepared? Bob Falcon CFP® understands your concerns, as he walked in your shoes and is best qualified to help.

Executive Comp or Tax Issues?

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Executive Compensation typically consists of Restricted Stock (RSU) grants or stock options, but do you understand how to get the most after-tax value out of each? Many professionals without tax expertise grossly overstate their gains on the sale of shares from these plans by blindly reporting the information from their 1099-B onto their Form 1040s.

Does your state’s tax treatment of deferred compensation differ from federal treatment, and have you strategically timed your receipt of that deferred comp to minimize future taxes? Are you holding too much company stock in your portfolio and risking a huge loss if your stock drops 55% in one year like “safe” blue chip GE did in 2017-2018?

Meet Bob Falcon, CFP®

A licensed CPA in Pennsylvania, Bob is a CFP® Professional, holds the AICPA’s Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) Credential, and is one of fewer than 125 individuals to hold the Certified College Financial Consultant (CCFC) designation. He holds a BS in Accounting from Villanova University and an MBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School (UNC-Chapel Hill). His career includes 9 years of Big 4 Manager-level tax experience and 15 years of pharmaceutical forecasting experience.

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